April 18, 2017


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Move your body the way it was designed to function. Discover how you can intelligently exercise and move to create a better communication between the body and the brain. Adam will develop your customized training program that allows you to remove unwanted kilo's whilst strengthening, stabilizing and lengthening your muscles, this will create better balance, posture and muscular proportion and allow you to move with more freedom.

Personal Training is individualized towards meeting your goals and specific needs, all relevant to your current lifestyle and fitness level.

The Corefit Recovery and Repair program allows you to repair injuries and restore & regenerate your muscles and tissues back to normal healthy functioning. This is done through the enhancement of blood circulation and oxygenation, hydration and nerve stimulation.

You will learn how to repair what's broken, strengthen what's weak, release what's blocked and lengthen what's taut & tight.

Meditation can help you transform your state of being towards a higher vibration, that way you will be able to move with more freedom, think with more clarity and have a quality of life that allows you to feel amazing.

Adam's guided meditations were created to guide you on how to relax and let go of life's distractions, stresses and worries, and they are also designed to invoke inner silence, peace, space and stillness in your state of being.

Drinking an adequate supply of water, eating well and getting a good source of energy, vitamins, minerals and nutrients is vital towards reducing pain and inflammation and living a healthy life.

Learn how to efficiently hydrate your body and how to eat the right food’s, in the correct proportions at the right times to enhance how you sleep  move and feel.

Learn how to improve your striking, scores and overall golf game through physical conditioning, strengthening and release techniques that will allow you to have greater mobility, balance and stability, all leading towards you hitting the ball further and straighter, more often.

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