April 18, 2018

Relaxation and Meditation

Relaxation and Meditation

“Hard work is not the path to wellbeing. Feeling good is the path to wellbeing. You don't create through action, you create through vibration, and then your vibration calls action from within you” - Tao -

Why Meditate?

Meditation can help you transform your state of being towards a higher vibration, that way you will be able to move with more freedom, think with more clarity and have a quality of life that allows you to feel amazing.

Adams' guided meditations are designed to help you relax and let go of life’s distractions, stresses and worries, and they are also designed to invoke inner silence, space and stillness in your life.

The thinking mind can operate at a rampant pace, and our thoughts are then expressed throughout our body through tension, resistance and sometimes illness or disease.

Do we really take enough time throughout each day or weeks to completely allow out mind and body to heal, recover and restore back to optimal functioning? Life can be so much more rewarding, and we could actually achieve more and do more of the things we love if we only chose to take a few moments each day to slow down and be still, silent and appreciate the space that surrounds us.

About Adam's Meditations

Adam has been practicing meditation for years and uses them for living an inspiring and purposeful life. The beauty of Adam's guided meditations is that they can be practiced at different times and in different ways throughout the day, as there is no perfect way, nor are you confined to a lotus posture, and let’s be honest, it’s not really that comfortable to sit in this position,  as this too can create restrictions.  So there is another way, and this is the way that works for you, as these meditations are just a guide to help you feel comfortable and relaxed, that way you will be able to let the thinking mind rest and let go of any resistance that you may be holding within your body.

There are numerous ways that you can use these guided meditations:
★ You can simply take the time to read the meditation
★ Or choose to listen while taking a leisurely stroll or performing light exercises
★ You can become one with nature and lay down on the earth or on the beach, feel the wind on your face and the sun on your skin, and just immerse yourself in your surroundings.
★ Choose to listen before sleep,  or use it to help you get to sleep.
★ Reinforce the meditations by silently repeating the words back to yourself,  or even choose to verbalize the words, the choice is yours

There is no wrong or perfect way, there is your way, and that is perfect for you!

Adam's Meditations

Below are two of Adam's most inspiring and amazing meditations! Download a FREE sample or buy a full meditation for just $1.99 (including audio and text versions) or buy a bundle of both meditations for just $2.99.

Positive Affirmation Meditation

One of the fundamentals of meditation is to be in a relaxed, calm, and even tranquil state of being. And the only way to achieve this is to let go of your worries, release stress, and let your internal thoughts become quiet. This meditation is going to help you with all of this and much more, including focus, concentration, and even dedication to your practice.

Let-Go Meditation

Retreat inward and see what cobwebs need clearing.  Try this guided meditation to tune in, listen, and reflect on where you are in your life. It will help you take charge of your life. It’s a process of letting go of anything that isn’t you—toxic relationships, limiting beliefs, and obstacles that prevent you from living your dream. It allows you to take responsibility for every choice you make and every action you take (or don’t take). Whenever you begin a new path, anything you haven’t cleared out or brought to completion will follow you onto the new path, so now is the time to let go of anything you need to leave behind as you begin a new season.

Positive Affirmation Meditation and Let-Go Meditation Bundle

Buy these two meditations in a bundle for just $2.99 (including text and audio versions).

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