March 25, 2017

Recovery and Repair

Recovery and Repair

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release: is a renowned self-massage technique using a foam roller that aims to reduce pain and tightness deep within the muscle belly and around the joints. It is commonly used on athletes and people who exercise regularly. The technique and foam roller release the pressure on the trigger points that are deep within the muscle and gives more blood flow and oxygenation to the muscle fibres and tissues, which helps bring back normal and healthy functioning to all areas of the body.

Adam will teach and coach you how to implement your own healing, and self massage and treat your own injuries, so that you can SAVE money and precious time, and decrease your reliance on practitioners,  therapists and fancy specialists.

Myofascial Release is recommended for athletes or people who exercise regularly and:
★ Have intermittent or chronic muscle tightness or soreness.
★ Want to move more smoothly and freely without pain or tightness.
★ Want to improve their ability to recover, prepare or perform.
★ Suffer from a sporting injury.
★ Want to have more agility, feel lighter on their feet and have more endurance.

Benefits of Myofascial Release:
★ Increased blood flow
★ Heal and prevent sports and exercise injuries
★ Reduced pain and tension is affected areas
★ Greater muscle oxygenation
★ More efficient nerve stimulation
★ Greater muscular contraction and activation

Adam on Myofascial Release


Enhancing the Quality and Performance of Nerve, Muscle, Bone and Fascia Tissues

SOMA: is a fresh progressive approach to enhancing the quality and performance of nerves, muscles, bone and fascial tissues by applying hydration, mobilization and activation methods and techniques which allow for more effective communication and reconnection between the BODY and the BRAIN.

SOMA is applied in recovery and repair to promote regenerative health and to restore our muscles and tissues back to normal healthy functioning and will aid you to move with more freedom and reduce pain and discomfort.

Applications used include:

★ OFR - Osteofascial Release
★ MFR - Myofascial Release
★ FR - Functional Reconnecting
★ FM - Fascial Mobilizing


Recovery and Rehab

Rehabilitation and Strengthening

Recovery and Rehab:  allows you to be guided, educated and shown how to correctly stretch muscles that are tight, strengthen weak muscles, and bring muscular proportion, balance and smooth movement back to your physique and gait.

Each individual will have their class time customized towards their specific needs and will have the opportunity to strengthen, stretch and condition the other muscles of the body which are not injured.

We can design, then teach you how to safely and effectively follow an easy road map that is both time efficient & effective and gives you high end results that will improve both your strength and flexibility without having to commit to a specific time.

Injuries we specialize in:
★ Alleviating Lower Back, Sciatica and Lumbar Pain
★ Knee, Ankle, Hip reconstructive or corrective surgery
★ Shoulder surgery including Rotator Cuff repair and maintenance
★ Any Sport or Repetitive Work related injury
★ Neck/Back discectomy or laminectomy
★ Muscle, tendon or ligament injuries; tears, sprains & strains

Adam on Recovery and Rehab


Client Praise

"After injuring my back at work, i was diagnosed to have 2 bulged discs in my lumbar spine that were compressing on the nerves which was creating unbearable pain and sciatica. It was suggested by specialists that I would require surgery to fix the injury. I’d heard of Adam’s training method and exercise therapy from an associate and decided to seek him out for some advice and to engage in some exercises to strengthen my core before the surgery and to improve my chances of recovery afterwards.

After 10 weeks of Adam’s coaching and guidance I quickly realized that surgery was something that i didn’t need. My strength and flexibility had greatly improved, and my pain levels had drastically reduced, to the extent that I gave up the pain medication that I had been prescribed. My confidence in my body grew with every session and I began to understand that with continued and consistent application of Adam’s techniques and methods that I could wave the surgery good bye.

After the initial recovery and after my core strength improved, Adam started implementing exercises that would help me get back to work and do the activities again that I love, like golf and tennis. It took just 18 weeks from the initial injury to get back to full duties as a form worker and scaffolder, and i actually feel stronger and more confident in my body now than before the injury.

I am very grateful for Adam’s professionalism, support, guidance and help and would highly recommend Adam to anyone who suffers from a lower back injury or experiences spinal pain and suffering."

- Mark Skehan -

"During 2011, I decided to have shoulder surgery.  It was not an easy decision, but was inevitable.  Adam Baulch was very supportive before and after surgery.  His extensive experience and advice was extremely helpful and beneficial.  Adam was very patient and understanding guiding me through shoulder rehabilitation.  He listened and adapted exercises to suit my needs.  He was holistic in his approach and developed progressive activities not only for my shoulder but my whole body.  I am very grateful to Adam for all his efforts in restoring full function in my right shoulder.  During 2013, I competed at the Queensland Masters Short Course Swim Championships in Brisbane and won medals in all my events.   I would not have accomplished this feat if it wasn’t for Adam’s personal training sessions and advice."

- Raylene -

"I have just had my second lot of knee surgery at 44 years of age.  Years of playing rugby league and working in abattoirs have taken their toll.  After surgery in Brisbane I was given a few exercises to do to assist with recovery.  Flew back to Airlie, and felt unsure about how best to get back on my feet.  I started with the referred exercises and stretches but felt it wasn’t enough.  I wanted someone to guide me and check that I was doing the exercises properly. I contacted Adam and he said he could help me as he himself had been a football player (though AFL) and he could assist me as an experienced personal trainer.  What I liked was he not only monitored my technique through rehabilitation, but he guided me through a range of alternative activities that progressed me gradually to fully functioning knees.  Adam was extremely patient and helpful.   I am sure if I keep continuing to train and keep fit – I will not have to undertake more knee surgery!"

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