March 28, 2017

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About Adam & CoreFit Health and Nutrition

Fitness, Health & Nutrition Coach for over 20 Years

CoreFit’s Missions:

Adam Baulch, Founder of CoreFit Health and Nutrition, has been in the business of fitness and nutritional coaching for over twenty years! He believes in a holistic lifestyle and approach where people take their physical wellbeing seriously so that their mental, emotional and spiritual states are functioning at the highest levels possible.

Here at CoreFit, exercise, strength and fitness is our primary specialty where we offer a range of programs and services to meet our client’s unique needs. However, we believe that achieving lasting and sustained health goals, we must connect the dots and support all areas of our physical wellbeing: sleep, nutrition, hydration, exercise, relationships, meditation, personal development and much more.


Our clients are people who believe what we believe: in a holistic approach to fitness, health and wellbeing.

Our Clients don’t just come and workout and “check the box”….

  • They come to exercise. Learn. Engage. Connect. And be inspired.
  • They want to learn new approaches such as meditation to reduce their stress and anxiety.
  • They want to learn why reducing or eliminating sugar from their diet can ease up their chronic pain and inflammation.
  • They understand our body is a whole entity and they want to work with a gym who believes that in return.

Adam's Story

Holistic Health Coach - Exercise Recovery Specialist - Exercise Specialist - Personal Trainer - Special Needs Trainer - Diet & Nutrition Coach - Sports Nutrition Coach - Meditation Coach

Adam Baulch is the founder of CoreFit Health and Nutrition and has been a professional trainer for over twenty-five years. He is a highly qualified personal trainer and fitness professional with specialized experience in the health, fitness and sports coaching industry.

Adam developed Corefit Health and Nutrition from a string of personal injuries and surgeries. Admittedly, it hasn't always been smooth sailing, and Adam’s approach to Physical Fitness, Health & Wellness has evolved over the past 20 years, particularly after experiencing a range of personal injuries, surgeries and life situations that initially created much pain and suffering, and that also restricted and limited his lifestyle. These setbacks also created another opportunity, it gave him the chance to see a different side to physical fitness and emotional wellbeing, a more holistic side, and he then found a way to bridge the gap between the two, which now gives him a more complete area of expertise and experience to share with you.

Allow us to share with you just some of the injuries and surgeries that Adam has been able to heal and recover from, and then return to optimal physical fitness and mental and emotional health. He has had a disc removed from the cervical spine, which included a double fusion of the vertebrae and a scrape out of the bone spurs that were impinging on the nerve roots, also torn rotator cuffs and ligaments in both shoulders, wrist surgery to removal a bone that continually broke, torn collateral ligament in one knee and excessive strains to the ligaments in the other, varicose veins removed, and he suffered 2 badly bulged discs in lumbar spine of which he experienced the sciatica pain as a result, and really, these are just a few; we could elaborate more, but we think you get the picture.

Luckily, Adam discovered a process to heal, recover and then return to optimal health and fitness, and he no longer suffers any pain or physical restrictions or limitations for that matter. Given the opportunity, Adam would like to share his knowledge and success plan with you too; and it's actually easier than you think. You too will then be able to regain a level of optimal health and fitness far greater than you ever dreamed.

Fitness Qualifications:

★ Diploma of Fitness – Exercise specialist, Special Needs Trainer
★ Cert 4 in Fitness – Personal Trainer
★ Cert 3 in Fitness – Gym Instructor
★ SOMA - Immersion 1
★ OD on MOVEMENT - Mentorship
★ Swiss Ball Trainer Certified
★ Assessing CORE Function Certified
★ Functional Anatomy of the CORE Certified
★ CORE Conditioning Exercise Trainer

Nutrition Qualifications:

★ Certificate of Nutrition and Diet – Beck Health & Nutrition
★ Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health, Specializing in Sports Nutrition
★ Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health, Specializing in Healthy Weight Management

Administrative & Health Care Professional Qualifications:

★ Advanced First Aid Certified
★ CPR Certified
★ Sports Administration & Recreation Certification
★ Outdoor Parks & Foreshore Permit
★ Positive Blue Card 959135/2
★ IICT Registration - 2809159019
★ FITREC Registered
★ Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance - AJ Gallagher


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