February 21, 2017

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Movement and Exercise is ‘THERAPY’:

Corefit guides clients to optimize performance and greater health through intelligent movement, proper nutrition, hydration, recovery and relaxation.

Adam specializes in Core Fitness, Injury Recovery and Health & Holistic Wellness and has been involved in this Industry as either a Professional Trainer or Sports Coach for over 20 years.

Adam can identify the areas that need priority and help you create your unique personal blueprint to achieve the ultimate body you’ve always dreamed of. Adopting a holistic approach individually for you means that the struggles, failures and disappointments of the past are over, you can look forward to sustained progress and reaching your core health and body transformation goals and beyond.

Adam's Wellness Philosophy:

We incorporate a variety of approaches to each client’s personal health story. We work with people from all areas of life and physical conditions. No injury, condition or physical limitation is too great for us to work around. Our services are tailored to getting each individual the best results possible.


Hear From Adam

7 Reasons Why Our Expert Core Health Guidance Will Benefit You:

★ Reach, Maintain & Sustain your desired fitness level more easily and effectively.

★ Receive customized training relevant to YOUR lifestyle, current fitness level and unique goals.

★ Return to stress & pain free living – enjoy better sleep.

★ Improve your balance, muscle tone, strength, stability, flexibility and posture.

★ Permanently remove unwanted kilos and reduce your body fat %.

★ Optimize your time and effort more effectively and efficiently.

★ Feel great, have confidence and live a quality life.


Client Praise

"I've been doing the 7am classes with Adam now for five weeks and the benefits have been incredible. Not only am I feeling stronger and more mobile; I'm loving the improvement in my Mental Health. Being down by the beautiful Noosa River, looking up at the sky, following Adams gentle voice and clear instructions....Priceless 🙂 Thanks Adam - you're a Champion!!"

- Wendy Walker -

"Before I met Adam, I knew I had to exercise but I saw it as a chore that took up too much time that I didn't have, so I would make every excuse not to do it. Adam's knowledge in his field, understanding of his clients, realism and appeal to my intrinsic motivation has given me the confidence to believe I have the physical and mental strength to do more than I could previously have imagined, turning exercise from a chore into a habit. In his words, "I wouldn't ask you to do it if I didn't think you could." I cannot thank him enough."

- Amelia Hinschen -

"I came to Adam with chronic back pain from four fractures to the spine and a fall from a roof in the Gold Coast.
I had several cortisone injections, nerve ablations, went to dozens of physio visits and was on pain medication.
I started doing rehab 2-3 times per week and Adam gave nutritional advice that reduced my inflammation.
The cost of 3 sessions were less than 1 visit to the physio! 12 weeks later and I’m totally drug free, my back pain
is minimal and I’m feeling great and not stressed anymore.

- David Miller -

Contact Adam

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Email corefitadam@gmail.com or call directly at 0400407883 to get answers for any questions.


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